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Frequently asked questions:
Q. Could I have some helpful maintenance tips?

A. Helpful Tips to Improve You're A/C System:
Change you're A/C filters monthly. Consider upgrading your filters. Tactified filters produce a more efficient operation and a healthier family.
Invest in a humidistat if you are a seasonal resident.
Consider upgrading your thermostat to digital. Digital thermostats are more accurate and easier to read and control.
Consider tinting your windows or setting draperies to control heat entering your home.
Plant foliage in front of your windows to reduce sun exposure.
Do not use bleach to clean your coils.
Do not cover your condensing unit, keep it accessible for servicing. 
Q. How often should I have my A/C System serviced?

A. Get thorough A/C Servicing Twice a Year.
Service should include drainline flushing, coil cleaning, check Freon level, check volts/amps, temperature split,
thermostat & pump. Cabinet cleaning and visual inspection of ductwork at the air handler. 
HVAC Maintenance

Just like regular oil changes and tune-ups keep your car in good running order, regular HVAC maintenance keeps your system running at it's best, extends it's lifetime and reduces the cost of operation. However most people have their HVAC system serviced much less often then their cars, even though they use their HVAC systems 3 times more often then their cars!
No wonder HVAV maintenance is so important to keep you home healthy, efficient and comfortable. 
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